The Coronation of Consciousness
– 3 books in one

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Basic, advanced and master level.
Corresponds to our 3-day LIVE course.

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Includes BOTH books 1+2, plus book 3 (key content):
  • Who is the Divine Creator?
  • Understanding death and reincarnation
  • Global issues with personal implications (e.g. environmental protection)
  • Practising the 14-step process (master version)
  • The history of Pacifica Seminars since 1971


Michael Micklei has taught Morrnah’s Ho’oponopono since 1987, after he was first taught it himself by Morrnah – so this is probably the longest time outside the U.S. as a Ho’oponopono teacher.

Meeting Morrnah during her first seminars in Germany in November 1986 had a lasting effect on his spiritual path: first in 1987 through the collaboration of the official translation of her Ho’oponopono problem-solving method into German. And of course by learning this procedure at its source, complete with the authorization to teach it at the highest level (Basic 3). Morrnah intentionally spent her last year until February 1992 in his home with Yvette Mauri in Kirchheim near Munich. It was a sign of where, how and from whom Morrnah’s work and light would go on, to ‘shine’ in the world.

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